Selected recent works. 

Calling of the Drums 2015 

A collaboration with Rene Burton

 Natural and cultural histories are still visible in the landscape, as if a palimpsest, an ancient manuscript that has been “written” on time and time again – a collision of humans and ‘nature’. The changing attitudes of exploitation to appreciation, all in the while trying to fit into a capitalistic model that is still driving towards exploitation, ultimately demonstrates a domineering attitude toward the landscape, of being on the land and not within it.

A map for Somewhere 2015

From extremely far or incredibly close, our view of the world both blurs and sharpens into mysterious landscapes, familiar yet strange. 

This project revolves around the material processes of making - engaging with material and technique to investigate unexpected outcomes of imperfect (unplanned) encounters between tools, materials and process, and particularly focusing on possibilities embedded in imperfections and idiosyncrasies that can arise when the human body acts within a repetitive system.

Collaberative Prints with Gidon Bing 2014

Gidon Bing is an Auckland based ceramist and designer.

A collaborative project with ceramist and designer Gidon Bing experimenting with minimal organic block designs with organic linear patterned relief prints.

The strength of watercolour lies in its qualities of looseness. The pigment traveling through pools of water laid down, intertwining, demarcations only when the waters edge creates a barrier; the translucency of washes through which the light passes through and back to create subtle shifts in hues; the ability to flow and intermingle with such minimal intervention as a gentle pull or a soft breath. 

Inspired by my time spent in Canada and its different landscapes in this body of work explores and proposes hybridized connections and disconnections between organic and architectural structures.

These print works are concerned with an idea of boundaries, and belonging. It is an investigation into Space and Place and the phenomenological differences between these concepts, or, the blurring between them.