Graduating with a BFA(Hons)/BA(anthropology) from the University of Auckland in 2015, Alice's art works explore the ways in which people interact with their social and natural environments. Through her abstracted gaze the paradoxes of structured chaos, instinctual analysis and bounded freedom are thoughtfully and beautifully expressed.

"As an artist I am interested in exploring a relationship between order and disorder. I often begin from observations of the natural world, although my work tends toward abstraction as I move between more fluid and instinctual and controlled and orderly mark marking. 
I predominately work in the medium of print as the technical requirements of this medium creates interesting restraints in working. These restraints work with and against me as I bounce off and around the materials rules of what they will or will-not do for me."

Recent Awards and Exhibitions


·      NICAI Summer Research Scholarship 2014-2015

·      One of four winners for the Emerging Artist Prize, exhibiting in the New Zealand Art Show (Wellington) 2014

·      360 Auckland Abroad Scholarship 2013

·      University of Auckland Scholarship 2011


·      New Graduate Works, Corban Estate Art Gallery 2015 (Auckland, New Zealand).

·      International Print Workshop Student Exhibition, Gus Fisher Gallery 2015 (Auckland, New Zealand)

·      Topography, Seed Gallery 2015 (Auckland, New Zealand)

·       New Zealand Art Show, TSB Bank Arena 2014 (Wellington, New Zealand).

·      Waiheke Art Gallery Walker and Hall Award Exhibition, Waiheke Community Art Gallery 2014 (Waiheke Island, New Zeland).

·      Henrietta and Lola Anne Tunbridge Watercolour Scholarship Show, Project Space 2014 (Auckland, New Zealand)

·      Nashville Print Revival Show, University of Nashville 2014 (Nashville, USA).

·      International Conference of Crystallography 2013 (Paris, France).